by Jean-Luc Barde

Come on. It's up there. You have to stride through the junipers and holm oak, through the sheer ribbons of mistral. You have to keep on climbing up and up, with the sounds of crunching stones underfoot. Sometimes the birds stop twittering while you pass, and the cicadas take over with their piercing song. After a while there is a bend in the path, then you push on until you find an opening in the cloud, and brilliant sunbeams ring out against the muted sky.
It’s high, but you’ve finally made it! You can taste the pure air as it rushes and tingles through your lungs. Gulp it, swallow it and delight in its dizzying freshness. First there is a quivering of leaves, a persistent murmuring that travels through the hills and envelops the deep blue that could even already be the sea itself. Those who can hear the message listen carefully, lean against the browning vines, already slightly intoxicated with it.

Small white clouds scud across the sky, trailing their shadows over the undulating vineyards, gliding over red and ochre earth. They are wide-eyed travellers taking in the local sights. As they wander, they take on the form of a black cypress tree, truffle oaks, silver olive trees like those at Delphi, ancient Grenache vines, pure Syrah, a flock of round roof tiles, a blond lime farmhouse, a bronze fountain, a green pool.

They drop right down into the cool clear water of the blue Durance, the Luberon’s natural border, they ascend the Trévaresse hilltops then rise up the face of the craggy Sainte-Victoire. They prance over the horizon and playfully move south to join the herd of fluffy white wool that hems the Mediterranean coast.

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