Respect for the terroir and its winemaking traditions is what drives me.
It all began when I was a student. Deep in my native Champagne region, I acquired a perfect knowledge of how to make fresh, elegant and fine wines. In California, I became more familiar with the high-tech equipment that makes New World wines so precise.

And later, I perfected that knowledge through my own practice. I arrived at Château la Verrerie in 2006, and began listening to the surrounding nature. The limestone clay soil, the azure blue sky, and the icy mistral winds all combined to enhance my understanding of the unique terroir with its outstanding freshness, in both the literal and figurative sense of the word! "That's our aim!" And yet it was never my intention to completely overhaul a Domaine that time had crafted so carefully. A rejection of chemical products, painstaking pruning, no irrigation: bit by bit, the techniques and practices used at the Domaine became more and more tailored to the environment. And the focus was set firmly on the truest expression of the terroir, through the freshness of its wines. And that's what binds the wines to the past, present and future.
Olivier Adnot

five events

1969 : born in Champagne
1995 : director, and vinification and blending manager
at the Cave de Troissy
2004 : winemaker and director of Château La Coste
2006 : winemaker and director of Château la Verrerie
2017 : creator of cuvee Grand Deffand Rose

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